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21 May, 2005

Cut bait

Interesting idea.  If criminals can infiltrate unsecured servers and set up phishing websites (i.e. clones of bank websites , eBay, etc., which merely capture peoples' account details for fraud), then it's at least as easy for vigilantes to infiltrate the same servers and deface the phishing sites, alerting visitors to their true nature.

I'm undecided whether criminal action against criminals is really to be condoned, but all credit to them for lateral thinking.


My point of view exactly. Maybe a group like the high tech crime squad should be able to acquire 'hacking orders' that allows them to hack into web sites like these conducting illegal activity, given to them on a fast track basis by, say, magistrates. It's an idea, anyway.

Posted by Neil T. at May 21, 2005 11:00 PM
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