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18 May, 2005

Damn pesky kids

Sometimes paranoia can be useful.

The final section of dedicated cycle track before joining the road at Hala passes through a gap in a high hedge.  There's a bollard in the middle of the gap, preventing access by car.
On my way home this evening, I noticed that one side of the gap was totally blocked by a pile of branches and fence posts, and that a group of children ran away into the bushes as soon as I appeared.  Why were they hiding, and why was I being forced onto one side of the path?  I stopped.

The 'open' side of the gap had been strung with fishing line – invisible until a couple of metres away. I'm not entirely sure what would have happened if I'd hit it, but stretched from the bollard to a tree and back at least six times, I doubt it would have just snapped.

Needless to say, the barricade is now scattered over a wide area, and the fishing line went in a bin a couple of miles away.


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