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17 May, 2005

No, YOU roll over and die

I'm a little hesitant to give these frothing lunatics the status of 'people', but if only to shame them, here goes:

The Observer reports that when he attended a meeting to demonstrate that medical science (which happens to have involved animal research) has brought the symptoms of his Parkinson's disease under control, a 63-year-old retired naval engineer (i.e. the recipient of the technology, not even a researcher) was drowned out by a cacophony of pure hate from anti-vivisectionists.

"I wanted people to see how a person can benefit from animal experiments," said the Oxford surgeon Tipu Aziz who operated on Robins and spoke at the debate. "That is why I asked Mike to appear at the debate. I am now very sorry I put him through that horrible ordeal. To these people, Mike's existence is a refutation of their core beliefs. They say animal experiments do no good. Then Mike stands up, switches his tremors on and off, and their arguments are blown away."
Free speech is one thing, but the tactics of these freaks can only be described as terrorism (though disgusting, this example is mild compared to their usual death-threats and violence), and I genuinely feel their organisations ought to be banned, in precisely the same way as Irish paramilitaries. Whatever the merits of their opinions, their methods render their words invalid.

I too found the protesters' behaviour dispicable, and nearly blogged about it but decided not to in the end. Hopefully this will be an own goal for the them.

Posted by Neil T. at May 17, 2005 07:46 PM
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