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12 May, 2005

Steady, tiger

Thought for the day: be open to alternative approaches, and always challenge assumptions, but having done so, you may often find the established techniques do actually work.

For ****'s sake, don't 'think different'® just to be perverse, merely to appear quirky and to convey a pathetic impression that "I'm special, me."


Despite my extreme Apple-Fan-Girl status, the phrase "Think Different" still bugs me.

"Think Differently" Goddammit.

Anyway - care to share with us what brought on this little rant hon?

Posted by Siobhan at May 13, 2005 03:44 PM

Oh, nothing Mac-specific (though I suspect one or two Mac purchasers meet that stereotype); the Apple slogan was thrown at me in an unrelated context yesterday, and triggered an abstract train of thought. I couldn't resist the title, but I suppose it gives the wrong impression.

Sometimes it irritates me when a client won't discuss a brief for a website, merely telling me to go away and produce (working) mock-ups. "Be creative - 'think different(ly)'". Okay, I'm being paid, but I resent the facts that:

a) if I spend hours producing, say, three designs, it'll take the client literally five seconds to dismiss at least one as "not what I had in mind" (having previously refused to 'burden me with preconceptions'), and:

b) this stage could be easily achieved with Photoshop images, completely eliminating coding time spent on versions that'll be either dismissed or revised to the point of requiring complete recoding.

Posted by NRT at May 13, 2005 06:00 PM

Ah, I see - count yourself lucky you don't have clients like mine, who after two years of coding development, have told me to "Flash up" the website

As for clients throwing in newly-heard buzzwords (the meaning of which they have no idea) to sound "with it", I can't help but think of the network executives in the Simpsons Episode where they introduce Poochy to Itchy and Scratchy

"The new character needs a name with attitude. Something like Poochy, but more proactive. "

Posted by Siobhan at May 13, 2005 06:38 PM
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