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6 May, 2005

Not another...

Squirrels do 'West Side Story'.

Read it, but that's not the point of this posting; nor is the fact that Green Fairy found it.

It's this:
Does Rion Vernon really allow people to 'acquire' his wonderful, gothy 'pin-up' cartoons for uncredited use as blog template graphics?

I ask because I see this done rather frequently, and it annoys me, irrespective of whether it's okay with Mr. Vernon. It's particularly insulting when the image is the only noteworthy content on the entire site (not in the case of Acerbia; I mean generally!).

Maybe I'm misunderstanding Mr. Vernon's desired level of control over his artwork, but if it's unauthorised, that's theft, and 'not cool'. Even if it is permitted (and, having done a little quick research, I suspect it might be), it'd be only polite to credit the original artist (and, in the case of that particular licencing scheme, it's required). Besides, this usage of his images is becoming a bit of a cliché.

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