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6 May, 2005

Not the Atoll, for once

'National Geographic' has published a swimsuits issue!?

I grew up with 'National Geographic' – my mother still has custody of the family's library of about twenty years of issues (1980-84, 1989-2003, and odd issues going back as far as 1968), and I still read them occasionally. I remember reading 'World', their magazine for children, when I was being home-schooled in Norway in 1978.

The 'NGM's articles on geography, anthropology, zoology and archaeology have always been interesting, and accompanied by stunning photographs. They've always been populist, in a good way, but swimsuits?

My world has just shifted, but I don't suppose it's as bad as my first impression presumed; the 'christian Science Monitor's review of the special edition (which was actually released in 2003) is fairly favourable, and the project makes some sense.

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