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7 May, 2005

You think it's a new meme

This isn't so much a new meme, as a new source of meme questions.  Anyway; the instructions are:

  • Go to
  • Cut-and-paste the first twenty questions it offers into your blog.
  • No skipping, unless a question is entirely irrelevant (e.g. about a TV programme not shown in your country).
  • Answer the questions, preferably with more than 'yes' or 'no'.
Here's mine:

  1. Do you think while you sleep?
    Not knowingly, but sometimes a situation will run through my mind as a dream, and the 'simulation' can provide an approach I hadn't considered, or even a solution usable 'for real'.
  2. Is the concept of 'the elect' contradictory to the evangelical message of christians?
    I really couldn't care less.
  3. Would you rather have your name misspelled on your tombstone or have them erect the proper spelling over the wrong grave?
    I think I'd rather the person be remembered properly than the meat be labeled correctly for the brief period of its decomposition.
  4. Are you going to dress up for Halloween this year?
    Firstly, I dislike 'jokey' dressing-up, and secondly, Hallowe'en (Samhain – the Celtic New Year) is a genuine religious festival – not of a religion I practice, but still not something to trivialise.
  5. Do you feel appreciated for what you do in your life?
    Not really, but I don't seek the approval of others. One exception is that the title on my office door, 'Web Assistant' implies I'm a variety of admin assistant (i.e. junior secretarial staff), whereas as a 'web designer/editor' (a more accurate title) my pay and responsibilities are on the same level as lecturers.
  6. Do you keep a first-aid kit in your car?
    I don't own a car in which to store a first-aid kit.
  7. Do you cherish your first kiss, or would you rather forget?
    Best forgotten. I only remember it as excrutiatingly embarrassing.
  8. When you are in a particularly irritable mood, does it affect your conduct on the internet as well as in real life?
    I'm afraid so, but why would there be a difference? The internet is a communications medium like any other.
  9. Do you ever have dreams about pets you've owned?
    I think I have done, and now the memory has been triggered, probably will do so again soon.
  10. Do you prefer lace or satin lingerie?
    Satin, though that's not an insider's opinion.
  11. If you were a famous musician/singer, do you think you would get sick of performing the same songs all the time?
    I'd probably like the opportunity to perfect something with repetition, but I'd react with horror at the idea of having to do that indefinitely. Quite simply, I wouldn't do it. As a listener, I don't particularly like bands which recycle the same setlist tour after tour, such as post-1995 Jethro Tull, and prefer those which don't rely on their back catalogue, like Porcupine Tree or Marillion.
  12. Do you own more than one cell phone?
    I barely own one! I have a mobile phone, but I only carry it when I know I'm going to need it.
  13. Do you own an expensive watch?
    I do own a watch (worth less than 30), but don't wear it, and no longer carry it. There's a clock on my PC, another on my bike computer, and another on my mobile phone, so I usually have access to the time. I also have an emergency piece of paper [mp3].
  14. Do you always try to do what's right, so you don't get any bad karma?
    Unlike my mother, I don't believe in karma. I don't believe anything is 'fated' to happen, and it makes even less sense that fate could be influenced by past behaviour.
  15. Is it better to do a job you hate for a lot of money or one you love for less?
    Difficult. I don't define myself by my job; it's merely a means to support my life away from the office. However, I wouldn't say money would motivate me to do a job I'd hate. The other alternative actually was presented to me, some years ago. I had the opportunity to become a trainee sculptor, though it would have meant a significant pay cut, at least in the medium term. As I've mentioned occasionally, I sculpt anyway, so this would have involved being paid to turn a hobby into a job. That was the main reason I declined the offer: I didn't want something enjoyable and rewarding to become a chore.
  16. Should colleges and universities aim for multicultural student bodies?
    So long as there are no absolute obstacles to multiculturalism occurring naturally, I don't think they should actively aim for it nor avoid it.
  17. When you become angry, does your vision blur?
    In moments of extreme rage, yes. That's only happened 7-8 times in my life, and I'm pleased to say it's never been directed at a person.
  18. Is the majority of your work day spent on the telephone?
    I work in web-based publishing, so e-mail is used drastically more than the phone. If my office phone rings (infrequently), it's more likely to be J ringing for a chat than it being something work-related.
  19. If you were going to draw the moon, would you draw it as a full moon or a crescent?
    A crescent. A full moon is just a whitish circle, so the association between geometric shape and object can be unclear. A crescent moon has a stronger place in cultural shorthand.
  20. If you were dating someone a lot taller/shorter than you, would it affect the relationship?
    Height is a characteristic I find attractive, so it's marginally less likely that I'd date someone a lot shorter, but it's not inconceivable. Assuming it happened, I think height would have effects, but not necessarily problems. Height affects perception, both of the outside world and of the power balance between individuals (which needn't imply negative connotations!).
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