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4 May, 2005

Flash-fried testosterone

This is science for 'real men' (yes, I think it's a uniquely male idea):

Lightning On Demand is a volunteer organization of engineers, artists, scientists and machinists.  Our key objective is to produce a controllable discharge of lightning at the greatest physical scale imaginable using modern technology.

The primary project is to construct a huge twin-tower Tesla Coil, but I discovered them via a side-project: the Taser cannon. That's Taser cannon, a 30-barrel monster firing 110kV, 15,000 amp plasma. Damage to the target "can vary widely", but Wikipedia records that though a typical stun gun fires 200300 kV (for skin penetration), a 0.06 amp current is generally fatal. It's probably enough to say that most spectators experience discomfort from the plasma explosions.

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