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25 April, 2005

Distantly connected

If only this worked between the UK and Poland....

Actually, I'm not much of a mobile user anyway, so the current arrangement using e-mail and ordinary (if expensive) phones serves okay, and being rather independent people, I doubt H & I would welcome the intensity (extensivity, really, if such a word existed) of contact described in the article; the level discussed in a related Wired article is more usual for us (using e-mail, not IM):

"I've never been accused of being high-maintenance – just the opposite, I've been told I'm too self-maintained. But I recognize that I have a high desire for internet intimacy. It doesn't have to be sexual (well, not all the time), but it has to be something: an e-mail about [her] day, a new joke, an hour of IM before (or from) bed. Relationships nowadays are almost completely online [anyway]. With schedules as hectic as they are, and personal lives not meshing well with professional lives, most talking in a dating relationship, even in real life, is done over IMs throughout the day or e-mails in the evening."
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