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25 April, 2005

Shoot 'em down

The BNP published its manifesto for the general election campaign on Saturday.  They waited until much later than the real parties, to release it on St. George's Day, which gives some idea of their view of non-English Brits.  The BBC attended the almost clandestine launch.
I'd like to think it inconceivable that anyone reading this blog would vote for their blatant race hate, but they've added another overwhelming reason to avoid them.

They want to reintroduce National Service: a period of military training and duty, after which it'd be compulsory to keep an automatic rifle in one's home.

Absolutely not, for two reasons. Firstly, the UK has a relatively low level of gun crime, and the fact that ordinary police constables carry nothing more lethal than a baton is a source of pride. Proliferation of military-grade weaponry is an appalling idea.

Secondly, I see no justifiable role for national service in a modern society. Yes, a number of otherwise 'enlightened' nations employ it, but I disagree with the concept. It's fundamental to my world view that the state should exist to serve the individual, never, ever, the reverse.

Neil, who has read the document (I really couldn't be bothered), noted another issue: that they wish to end the alleged left-wing domination of higher education, abolish 'nonsense' disciplines (without defining 'nonsense') and withhold University access until after national service. It isn't even laughable.
Conversely, their plan to withdraw all British troops from overseas duties in order to mass UK armed forces in Kent to defend against Europe (I think they mean France) is a joke – even their fuhrer admits it's no more than an attention-grabbing soundbite.


The gun nonsense is probably an attempt to woo the Rambo fantasies of testosterone-fuelled pseudo-libertarians.

I got an election leaflet from the BNP through the door today along with the UKIP one. The two are almost indistinguisable in content.

Posted by Tim Hall at April 25, 2005 07:33 PM
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