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20 April, 2005

More slime

Another eBay parasite is selling one of the unofficial concert recordings I put into free circulation.  This one's even less subtle than most, as the auction is accompanied by an image of the back cover artwork (the original of which I can produce on demand), prominently displaying my signature and, in block capitals, 'NOT FOR SALE'.

I've reported such auctions before, and eBay haven't shown the remotest interest. I reported this one anyway, as it's so blatent even eBay mightn't be able to turn a blind eye, but the reporting procedure has been 'streamlined'. Previously, one provided the auction number and an description of the problem, but now one merely submits an auction number under a very broad complaint category, with no opportunity to explain further. A member of eBay staff giving the listing a cursory glance isn't going to spot the supplementary information I'd be able to provide. Hopeless.

As I said last time: If you've reached this blog entry whilst researching the item before buying it - do not buy it. Contact me instead.
Never, ever buy bootlegs. Anything a commercial bootlegger may offer at a price is always available for free (well, the cost of blank CD-Rs and postage) from a trader.

Paradoxically, the person who brought this to my attention has been a known bootlegger too, specialising in the same band – could they be turning on one another?

Update 21/04/05: The auction's been closed a day early; I couldn't say whether by eBay or the seller.
Incidentally, I've just noticed that the person who brought the matter to my attention is on the bootlegger's 'Feedback' page as having been the winner of an earlier auction for a copy of exactly the same item. He spent $26 for something I'd trade for free. D'oh!


Of the 60 or so listings I looked at - ALL were bootlegs. Ebay really doesn't want to be bothered with the legality of the items sold so I'm not surprised that they made the reporting process more generic.

Posted by Tullfan at April 21, 2005 04:17 PM
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