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22 May, 2005

Stellar prices

Last month, Aardvark mentioned he'd witnessed a grown man having a near-tantrum in a toyshop after being refused permission (by his wife, not his mum!) to buy some Lego.

Purely by chance, I happened to find the same 'Star Wars' sets on the Lego website, and I'm certainly with the 'mean' wife on this one.  The Lego Death Star II set may result in a model 25" (65 cm) tall, but I won't be first in the queue to spend £250 on a knobbly grey ball when it's released in September.  Likewise, at £74.99 (£99.97 RRP), the Lego Millennium Falcon tests the limits of disposable income, though admittedly it looks a lot better value than the relatively featureless Death Star II.

This isn't the Lego of my childhood. Standard 4x2 bricks and roof tiles can't have been anything like as expensive, but one can be creative with them – Lego shouldn't be about following instructions to manufacture one specific model, which, having made that effort, one is unlikely to disassemble and use the pieces for something else.

Then again, I recall the dark ages of Lego. Are there green bricks nowadays? There weren't when I was a child. I predate minifigs, which themselves predate grey as a Lego colour. I had (actually, have) a minifig-scale castle, but it's bright yellow, as grey bricks hadn't been introduced at that time (1977/78, I think).

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