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18 July, 2004

Cycling: Lancaster-Scorton-Conder Green-Lancaster

For once, I didn't cycle alone today; J. was foolish enough to accept my invitation.  I planned a relatively easy route, leaving opportunities to extend it as time and energy allowed.  We followed the A6 to Galgate, then lanes past Dolphinholme to Grizedale Fell, then round the back of Nicky Nook to Scorton.  At that point, I'd considered heading back up the Wyre Valley, perhaps to Jubilee Tower, but J. very sensibly preferred to follow a flatter route to the coast and follow the Lune back to Lancaster.

Admittedly, I think I could have completed the same route in about ¾ of the time (i.e. an hour less) at my normal pace, but that's an unfair comparison, as I'm used to riding such distances on a weekly basis. Though he visits a gym a couple of times each week, and can benchpress considerably more than my weight, J. has relatively little experience of riding on hilly roads on a hot, humid day. We made a few rest stops, which I wouldn't ordinarily have done, but that was partly because of the challenging pace J. set. Whenever I paused to take a photograph, he soon vanished in the distance, and I struggled to catch up. I estimated that he was riding at an average of 14-15 mph (if I stopped for a minute, he'd be ¼ mile away before I restarted), so at my usual 17-18 mph average pace it took a while to catch him. My bike computer records time spent in motion, as opposed to total time; I can't find the exact figures, but I'm pretty sure that if the periods spent stationary (i.e. breaks) were discounted, the trip time would be about normal for my riding.

Not that it was a problem; it was a good ride.

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