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23 March, 2005

The almighty boing

Spring has definitely sprung.  By the calendar, the vernal equinox was last Sunday and, for once, seemed to coincide with the sudden onset of spring.  On Saturday I noticed green in a hawthorn hedge in Caton which had been entirely bare the week before.

The weather is suddenly much milder, too. I'm keeping my waterproofs handy, but I'm no longer wrapping a scarf around my face for the ride to work, and have gone back to lightweight cycling gloves rather than heavier thermal ones. At home, I've turned off the central heating timer, just manually switching the boiler on for half an hour or so each evening as required. Less than a fortnight ago the house was as tightly sealed from the outside world as possible (i.e. not very!) and the heating was on full-time during the evenings and weekends. Now I'm sleeping with the window open.

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