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15 March, 2005

It's not the messiah...

Most working mornings during the past couple of weeks, my eye has been caught by a patch of discarded chewing gum on the road.  It happens to lie in my direct line of sight as I cycle up a steep hill (eyes on the road, not on how much further I have to climb), but I notice it because it has weathered to resemble the face of a man.  The gum itself forms a forehead and short beard, with the cheeks and eye sockets suggested by areas where the tarmac shows through.  I keep meaning to go back with a camera, but always forget.

The important point is that I feel no urge to call eBay or some American tabloid.  Humans are naturally predisposed to see faces in randomness, and a rough lozenge (diamond), quartered and with the top and bottom segments coloured-in, will always look a little like a short-bearded man's face.  There's simply no need for 'divine intervention', when an entirely rational explanation exists.

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