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14 March, 2005

Deadwing DVD-A - at last: news!

The official Porcupine Tree website has finally revealed a little more about the DVD-A version of their forthcoming (on CD: Europe: 28 March, N.America: 26 April) album 'Deadwing'.
Firstly, the fact that it's a DVD-A rather than 'merely' a DVD (i.e. video-grade resolution) is a bit of a triumph, and well-connected fans are to be credited with influencing that decision.

The important part: the content:

  • The album will be in DTS 5.1 surround sound, mixed in collaboration with Grammy award winning producer Elliot Scheiner (as was 'In Absentia'). It's not stated, but I presume that, like the 'In Absentia' DVD-A, the disc will contain a high-res 5.1 mix only usable on a dedicated DVD audio player, a 'standard' 5.1 mix for any DVD player, and a basic stereo mix.
  • There will be bonus video material and photo galleries; I can only speculate, but it seems credible that material from the 'Deadwing' promo site* might be included.
  • Most excitingly, there will be three bonus tracks (in surround sound): 'Mother And Child Divided', 'Revenant' (already familiar to the hardcore as the background music of the promo site), and 'Half Light'. These are billed as 'exclusive', but 'Half Light' appears (in stereo) on the German single of 'Lazarus'.
The original plan for the CD and DVD-A to be released simultaneously, and hence for a limited edition version (combining the two into one package) to be made available on or around the same release date, seems to have been abandoned (definitely in the case of Europe).

Update 17/3/05:

On Monday, I went on to say:
One source close to the band/label seems certain that preorders for the limited edition should open imminently ("by the end of this week"), for despatch on 19 April, the US release date of the CD. However, without mentioning the limited edition at all, the band's own website states that the DVD-A will be released by DTS on 10 May.

To clarify that, the rumoured [Update 8/4/05: confirmed.] plan is for the Special Ltd. Edition to comprise the stereo mix on a CD and the 5.1 mix on a DVD (that's a standard DVD, aka DVD-V, not a DVD-A), both packaged within a ~72-page book. This is expected to be released at the same time as the standard US CD edition.
In addition, there will be a DVD-A (not a standard DVD), as described above, released later by DTS.
It's always been presumed that the Special Edition would include the DVD-A, which has obviously caused confusion.

To add a little more confusion, it's not known whether the advertised bonus tracks on the DVD-A will also be on the Limited Edition's DVD. It may be that the DVD is solely intended to convey the 5.1 mix of the album itself, without any extras.

[Update 30/03/05: The US release date of the CD has finally been confirmed as 26 April, not 19 April (I've amended the first paragraph of this entry). The announcement also says that the hardback book edition (no mention of contents) will be out on the same day. Preorders aren't mentioned.]

*: [Update 22/10/07: The '' domain expired on 23/09/07.]

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