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14 March, 2005

Empty calories

Yesterday morning, I woke, wrote that review of 'The Aviator', ate a bowl of cornflakes, and cycled 17 miles.  I drank a 330ml can of Coke and cycled back.  Seven miles from home, I began to run seriously short of energy, and I had to walk up the final hill (it is pretty much the steepest in Lancaster, but I usually manage to keep cycling).

As usual, I felt fine immediately afterwards; a cup of tea & a little cake were sufficient to recharge me. I drank a couple more cups of tea and a second can of Coke during the afternoon, then prepared sausages and mashed potato for my evening meal at 20:30. I forgot to cook vegetables until too late, so didn't bother. I think I had a handful of cashew nuts at about 22:00, and a pint of milk before bed.

This morning I did manage to eat breakfast (I don't always), but the 3½ miles to work probably used up most of that, and I know that breakfast has usually worn off by midday, so I need a mid-morning boost before swimming. I prefer a flapjack, but Spar had sold out, so I bought a chocolate bar. I don't really like 'sweets', but it was better than nothing at all. Likewise, the shop hadn't received the daily milk delivery, so I bought a 500ml bottle of Coke instead.

The problem with all this is that almost everything was short-term energy, providing no opportunity to build up a reserve. Thirty lengths of the pool were a struggle today – I usually swim 50 easily.

Must eat better! I could live like this as a (relatively) sedentary student, but I expend a lot more energy nowadays.

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