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12 March, 2005

How to search the Ministry

The Ministry is divided into three main departments (this blog, the Jethro Tull Tour History and the annotated 'Passion Play') and an 'administration' section (sitemap, contact page, links and overarching home page).
These sections are served by two different search facilities.

Site Search
Primarily available on the overall home page and the main page of the Tour History but not from the blog, this is provided by Google Site Search (not Desktop Search), and indexes the entire Ministry – all pages of all departments.

Blog Search
The blog has its own search facility, an integral part of Movable Type (the underlying publishing software), available on every page of the blog. It's important to note that it searches all MT-published blog entries, but only blog entries. Content in other departments is ignored, as are the blog's image galleries (static pages, published outside MT); it is not a Site Search facility.

To restate: using the blog's internal search facility to find material in other departments will not work – try the main search form instead.

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