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9 March, 2005

Astronomical images

Images derived from astronomical telescopes are made available in the International Astronomical Union's FITS format, which is fine for professionals using dedicated software, but less accessible to amateurs and those wanting to use images for entirely different purposes, such as graphic designers.
Hence, it's great that the ESA, ESO and NASA have released a Photoshop plugin, the FITS Liberator (who the **** named that?), which can convert their images into a more usable format.

Expect to see more astronomical images (no double meaning intended) in artwork and advertising.

[Via User Friendly]

Incidentally, the copyright page on the ESA's Hubble website states that images derived from the space telescope are copyright-free so long as the ESA is acknowledged as source, the images aren't used to imply that the ESA endorses a commercial product, process or service, and separate permission is obtained from any individual identifiable person in the images.

Hubble Space Telescope, orbiting 600 km above sea level. Identifiable persons. How?

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