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9 March, 2005

Too obvious

Cycling home from work yesterday, I noticed that whenever I braked to turn a corner, the steering became very heavy and pulled to one side.  Rationalising this held my attention all the way home, but I rejected all my theories &ndash misaligned brake pads, buckled rims, and elaborate, improbable physics (Coriolis force?).

This morning, I found a drawing pin in the front tyre.  I suppose it might be involved.

I absolutely had to be in work on time today, as I needed to activate a webcast, so I left the drawing pin in and rode carefully.  It held ;)


And the tyre didn't burst? Mine would just go psst instantly if there was a drawing pin stuck in it.

Posted by looby at March 11, 2005 10:08 PM

It surprised me, too! The tyre was a bit soft (perhaps 20-30 psi rather than the usual 65), but I wasn't riding on the rims. I did expect it to go flat after a mile or so, though that'd get me a mile closer to work faster than I could walk, but it was no softer after 3 miles. Even more surprisingly, it got me home, 24 hours after the puncture!

Posted by NRT at March 11, 2005 11:55 PM
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