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6 March, 2005

Uncensored shuffling

I haven't mentioned (yet) that I bought a personal mp3 player a couple of weeks ago – a 20Gb Creative Zen Touch, emphatically not an iPod!  I'll probably comment further once I'm more used to it, but in the mean time, a fairly common meme is now open to me; it's a blog cliché, but so what?  Think of it as a snapshot insight into my personal taste.

The rules (summarised from Ed Bott's version):
Set your player to 'random shuffle' through all stored tracks.
State the first ten tracks it provides – no skipping of embarrassing ones, though a second song by an artist already mentioned can be skipped.

Here goes:

Hmm. That is a sample of what's in my player, undeniably, but I'm not sure what it really says about my listening habits. For this exercise, there's no skipping, but had I been listening for real I would have pressed that button at least four times, skipping tracks I do like, but only in certain moods. Let's try another ten:That's better – ten tracks I would choose to play.

[As prompted by Neil]

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