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2 March, 2005

New P-Tree promo microsite

In addition to the main Porcupine Tree website and the 'Deadwing' promo site* (which is a little cryptic, admittedly, and more atmospheric than informative), a new microsite has been released by the US record company/distributor to advertise P-Tree's forthcoming (eventually...) album, 'Deadwing'.

The microsite offers more to those presently unfamiliar with the band &ndash a brief bio, tourdates, the US single ('Shallow') as a background and download (not free!), plus various US-centric resources.
It also offers links to the two main discussion groups, Dark Matter and the independent Porcupine Tree Forum, but provides a defunct address for the latter &ndash use the link above, instead.

Another slight flaw is that it's rather big, and consequently slow-loading on anything but a fast broadband connection &ndash not exactly inviting for those who might only have a casual interest in the band i.e. presumably the target audience.

*: [Update 22/10/07: The '' domain expired on 23/09/07.]

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