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23 February, 2005

Snow on a sunshiny day

I've just cycled to work in bright sunshine, with snow blowing in my eyes.  Perhaps it was just sublimating out of the cold air, as I couldn't see any obvious snow clouds, just a high-level haze.  Then again, it was continental European snow: tiny, dry, individual crystals falling at low temperatures rather than typical large, wet British clumps falling from low, dense clouds at only a little below freezing.  Maybe it really had fallen many thousands of metres.

Anyway, this was certainly a five-layer morning:

  • T-shirt. Marillion 'Marbles', today.
  • Quilted lumberjack overshirt. Allegedly chainsaw-proof. I'm not going to test that.
  • Sleeveless 'puffa' jacket. Looks like a flak jacket, as worn by TV war reporters.
  • Waterproof walking jacket.
  • Dayglo cycling jacket. "There's no warmth in that!" "Okay, Mother."
If I'd fallen off my bike, I'd have bounced.

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