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30 June, 2005

That's the name, always has been, always will

Did you know that "the Southport Visiter has been serving the community since 1844 with local campaigns, a bumper leisure guide and page after page of Southport [a town just north of Liverpool] news"?

All without spellchecking its own name.  No typo - it really is '... Visiter' on the masthead.

Maybe there's a historical reason for the title. I'll let you know, if they respond to my e-mail.

If anyone's wondering what 'bumper leisure' involves, it's a fine example of a vocabulary unique to UK local newspapers, in which any member of University staff is a 'boffin' (one of my least favourite words) and a pub brawl (with or without boffins) is a 'fracas'. An extraordinarily abundant fracas would be 'bumper'.

[Update 4/7/05: As suspected, it's historical. The Senior Assistant Developer of their website tells me that 160 years ago, the correct spelling was 'visiter', and the newspaper retained that name, even when the spelling fell out of favour.]


"page after page"

Literally - two pages ;-)

Posted by Siobhan Curran at June 30, 2005 02:30 PM
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