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18 February, 2005

The end of the world is nigh

They're going to stop selling Smarties in tubes!

The colourful sugar-coated chocolate oblate spheroids (eh? squashed spheres) have been in cardboard cylinders (closed with cardboard at one end, plastic at the other, with a lowercase letter on the inside of the lid.  Collect them all.  I didn't.) since before I was a child - since 1937, in fact.

Yet in order to "ensure the brand remains 'fresh and interesting' to youngsters", aka invent work to justify the marketing department's existence, Nestlé Rowntree is to replace the tube with a hexagonal (or six-sided, as the BBC adds helpfully) pack with a cardboard flip-top. Admittedly, dumping the plastic lid will have a slight environmental benefit, but "this is a sad day for British culture" (heh). Not only are the tubes simply regarded with affection by several generations, they've been instrumental in millions of craft projects and even charity fund raising activities.

Someone has commented at the BBC website that there should be a boycott of Nestlé products as a protest. Well, some of us do that anyway, over the baby milk issue, but it's an understandable reaction.

Note that this has nothing do do with the US Smarties, an entirely different product.


That really is sad. Apparently, when I was two, I got one of these tubes of Smarties in my Christmas stocking, which was put down at the foot of my crib. I had a great time shaking it like a rattle, until the plastic end came off and the Smarties flew all over the room! I guess my children won't have that experience.

Posted by Jon. at February 18, 2005 04:58 PM
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