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18 February, 2005

Nosy neighbour tool

As reported by the Guardian, Nethouseprices searches publicly-accessible land registry data to report the selling prices of houses/flats anywhere in England & Wales.  It's a free service which could be useful to potential buyers (and sellers, I suppose) investigating a specific property or neighbourhood, but as the Guardian says, it's also a gift to nosy neighbours.

For example, a house three doors from mine sold last November for £37,000 more than I paid in August 2003. Four days after I bought mine, someone bought another at the far end of the street for £1,550 more and three weeks later, another went for £22,000 less than I paid (must have needed work!). I don't know any of the purchasers or previous owners, so it's not really an invasion of privacy, but it could have been.

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