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12 August, 2005

Smart card

I'm about as impressed by this as were Lifehacker and the NY Times*.  The very best inventions are the simple ideas, which simplify one's life.

The memory card manufacturer Sandisk has produced a new model which plugs directly into a computer's USB port.  No USB between the camera and computer, no memory card reader  The card itself is 'about the size of a postage stamp', but a hinged section folds down to present just the essential contacts, omitting the bulky housing of a standard USB plug.

Wonderful idea.

Okay; it's a memory card, for use in digital photography – how could that be exciting? The nature of the item is irrelevant; it could be a pair of glasses, or a pen, or a concrete mixer. It's the elegance of design that's noteworthy.

*: That NY Times link mightn't be permanently archived.

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