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20 February, 2005

Serial reading

Which authors by whom have you read more than ten books?
No, that makes no grammatical sense.
Which authors have you read more than ten books by?
No, that's wrong, too.
Name those authors of whose books you have read more than ten.
That's better.  Not great, but better.

Here are mine, in alphabetical order.  It's as arbitrary as any other technique.

Actually, no. That skews things far too much towards prolific authors - it's only asking about authors who have written more than ten books, whereas some of my favourite authors have only written one or two. Hence, with apologies to the founder of the meme, I'm revising it to five. I've also restricted it to those on my bookshelves at present - I haven't mentioned those I read as a child, nor those in storage and therefore I haven't seen for over a decade.

Iain Banks (both with and without the 'M.')
Douglas Coupland
Sebastian Faulks
Neil Gaiman
William Gibson
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Frank Herbert
John Irving
Stephen King
David Lodge
Ken Macleod
Michael Moorcock
Jeff Noon
Terry Pratchett
Salman Rushdie
William Shakespeare
Neal Stephenson
Bruce Sterling
Irvine Welsh

Links are to my favourite book by each author.

That's dominated by sci-fi authors, but says more about the genre and my approach to it than reflecting my true reading habits. I've certainly read more 'non-genre' books than 'genre', but fewer than five by each author.

[Via Sarsparilla]


Interesting twist on the meme, there.

Incidentally, the meme was originated here, at A Flickering Light. I can't claim credit for his good idea. :)

Posted by Vanessa / Sarsparilla at February 23, 2005 02:52 AM
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