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11 February, 2005

Porcupine Tree singles availability

There seems to be some confusion about the singles supporting the forthcoming Porcupine Tree album, 'Deadwing'.  If I post a summary of the situation (as currently understood) here, presumably Google will pick it up ;)

'Shallow' has already been released as a one-track download single in the USA. It doesn't look as if it will be available for download outside the USA.
Radio stations have received the song as a one-track promo CD, but it's not going to be available to buy. At this time, there is not going to be any CD single for sale in the USA. Period.

'Lazarus' will be released as a CD-only (not download) single with non-album bonus tracks in Germany and Poland only. The CD single will not be available in the UK.
Let me restate that to remove any ambiguity: NO UK SINGLE, in any format. None. Full stop.

There is no confirmation that 'Lazarus' will be a download single anywhere, and if it is, it's most likely to be a one-track download. To be absolutely clear: if you want 'So Called Friend' and 'Half-light' you will have to buy the CD single, and only from Germany or Poland.

The extra tracks won't be on the US CD single of 'Shallow' because:
i) there isn't going to be a retail CD single of 'Shallow', anywhere, and:
ii) there isn't going to be a CD single in the USA, at all, neither 'Shallow' nor any other song.

All subject to change, of course, but there hasn't even been a suggestion that it will. Some fans have been seeking "a shimmer of hope" in the precise phrasing of official announcements, but it simply isn't there, however the words are stretched. Don't worry: if there are changes, I'll pass them on!

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