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4 February, 2005

Spring heels

spring heels

Incorporated into the design of all STRUTZ® footwear is a strut shock absorber.  This innovative concept in shoe design allows a persons body weight to be transferred from the heel to the ground.  This dampens the shock stress to the entire foot.
Innovative, maybe, but ugly.  To date, their online store only offers strappy sandals.  Gizmodo seems to agree with my immediate impression: "something so overtly mechanical integrated into something so dainty" just looks wrong, not to mention a bit chunky.

Strutz intend to produce more enclosed shoes and boots, and I can imagine the idea could function much better within the aesthetic of deliberately 'industrial' styles of boots e.g. some New Rocks (site requires pop-ups, or try this one), but thumbnails at the Strutz site look even worse than the sandals, as if the soles are hanging off.

High heels are all about appearence, so any attempt to resolve what is a genuine concern has to look good. I'm not sure these do.

[Via Boing Boing, appropriately]

[Update 01/02/07: the Strutz site seems to be dead, so I've removed the link. In checking whether it had merely moved, I discovered that the idea for the heels was that of Jonah White, also inventor of 'Billy-Bob' joke teeth and abortive earthworm farmer.]

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