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3 February, 2005

Floating links

An experiment for web designers: set the page background to bright red (#ff00cc - thanks for the correction, danbee!), body text to black (#000000) and links to cream (#ffffcc).  The immediate effect will probably be repulsion - it's far too violent a colour scheme.  However, try to read a block of text containing inline links, and after a few moments those links will seem to float above the plane of the page.  I've never encountered that 3D optical illusion before.

Might be useful; I just can't think where.

I noticed this at a Channel 4 microsite promoting a one-off documentary about 'The Real Da Vinci Code', but I suspect it mightn't be archived; hence the instructions above.


Dear God, that's hideous. They paid someone to do that?!

Posted by Siobhan at February 3, 2005 08:25 PM
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