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20 January, 2005

Don't stoop to their level

I don't remotely support the tactics, nor particularly the cause, of campaigning group (aka irresponsible, self-publicising idiots) 'Fathers4Justice', but the comments of Yvonne Roberts in the Guardian are deeply unhelpful.

In accusing the government of surrendering concessions to the campaigning group, she complains that:

Divorced mothers who defy court orders will be tagged and kept to a night-time curfew. They may be fined - a great help to children probably already reared on a much reduced family budget. Or ordered to spend Saturday afternoons doing community service while dad has the offspring.
Read that first line again: "... mothers who defy court orders...". Of course they should be penalised, then! If a court has found against them, they are obliged to comply. Mothers aren't above the law.

The bulk of the article - which manages to at least mask her emotive bias - seems more reasonable (apart from a blatent misrepresentation of statistics), but that introduction can only alienate, as does her closing metaphor of "mummy in the stocks". Don't be so ****ing melodramatic. The last thing this issue requires is incitement to further hostility.

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