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14 January, 2005


Jack Schofield at Guardian Online warns of a bizarre feature (that's 'feature', not 'bug') in WinXP.

I loathe the default fluffy 'Tiles' display in Windows Explorer, so have it set to remember my preference for 'Details' view.  Yet by default, WinExplorer will remember these view settings for 400 views, then revert (or randomise, it seems...).

Tweak XP provides a registry hack to make it 2,000 views, but why does it reset at all?

[Update 20/01/05:  Feedback on that Guardian article mentions that SP2 raises the default to 5,000, but a) many organisations, including my employer, bans the installation of that 'upgrade', and b) my question stands: why does it reset at all, ever?]

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