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17 January, 2005

Of course you want some

The Ugly Jug Band - Do You Want Some?  Image © NRT 2004I'm pleased to say that the charity concert by The Ugly Jug Band last Saturday (8 Jan.) at The Whittle (Golden Lion, for incomers and foreigners), Lancaster (UK), as reviewed by Cliff, raised an astonishing £300 for the tsunami relief fund.  Well done Andy, Steve and in particular, audience!

Everyone who attended fully deserves to see the band again, basking in awe (and maybe a little shock) at their frequent appearences in The Whittle and the John O'Gaunt.  In some small way, you'll never be quite the same again.  Lancaster has a number of good bands, but The Ugly Jug Band are something else. 

You could even buy their very reasonably priced CD, 'Do You Want Some?' (or a copy of it, anyway).  Laugh, cry, and stamp your feet until it stops.

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