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16 January, 2005


Something which annoys me disproportionately:

The off-road sections of cycle path between Lancaster and the University are shared use; pedestrians on the western side of the tarmac, bikes on the eastern.  That's bikes on the left, pedestrians on the right as one faces the University, and vice versa facing the other way - bikes on the right, pedestrians on the left.  It's not 'keep left' - pedestrians ought to keep to the same side in both directions.  Bikes should only cross over to pass, then return to the bike side.

Okay, it's trivial - I did say "disproportionately" - but still, grrr!


I don't think shared use of tracks between cyclists and pedestrians works. No-one understands the rules, or if they do they don't follow them, and it;s dangerous for everyone involved (although I suppose a bit less dangerous than using the road.) I used to cycle to morecambe every day along the old railway track and I gave up in the end and went alonjg Morecambe Road, where at least there's a clear set of rules that everyone has to abide by.

Posted by looby at January 16, 2005 05:59 PM
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