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12 January, 2005

Still unimpressed

The BBC says:

Shares in Apple fell 6.4% on Tuesday after long-standing market rumours were confirmed when it unveiled a low-cost computer at the annual MacWorld event.
I don't really see the logic behind that.  I certainly won't be buying one, but I don't see why investors regard the new products so negatively.

A related BBC article says:

... the company's Macintosh computers are seen as icons in their own right as well as simply tools to get the job done.
No, no, NO! Not here, anyway.


The share-price drop happens after every Keynote speech that Steve Jobs does - no-one quite knows why, but some think it's because everyone gets just that little bit too excited in the run-up to the speech.

Posted by Siobhan at January 12, 2005 03:48 PM
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