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11 January, 2005

What did I say?

Here's a new, ultimately pointless though mildly amusing meme seen via Neil's World.  Republish the first sentence of the first posting you made each month in 2004, as an overview (more like a random sampling) of your preoccupations over the year.  Okay:

I arrived back in Lancaster last night after a week away.

This is a useful resource for planning search engine submissions, highlighting the incestuous heirarchy of search engines: which are top-priority for optimisation and direct submission, and which will receive results from others, making direct submission unnecessary.

Not an easy Monday, and I'm as drained as on a Thursday or Friday!

The immigration minister, Beverley Hughes has resigned over the scandal of fraudulent immigration applications from Romania and Bulgaria.

Lancaster's free local newspaper, The Citizen (no website) reports that a ground floor flat in Morecambe was raided by drugs squad officers last week.

This is an unexpected, though not entirely bizarre, crossover between two of my favourite bands: Harry Waters, eldest son of His Rogness, has joined the Ozric Tentacles for their UK and USA tours, replacing Seaweed on keyboards.

When Microsoft itself advises users to switch away from Internet Explorer in favour of Mozilla Firefox, it's to be hoped people will take the hint.

According to statistics reported by the BBC, I work in "the best place to look for love in England and Wales".

Regular readers of the blog might have caught occasional offhand mentions of a rather good band called Blackfield.

For a mere $10 million, one can buy a 230' long, eight-ton 'sky gem'.

I'm back, though since I've managed only about six hours sleep in the last sixty, don't expect anything too substantial for a couple of days!

I'm still finding BlogExplosion worthwhile, but one feature I haven't used much is the blog rating facility.

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