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8 January, 2005

Firefox auto-disconnect

A fairly frequent route into the Ministry is via a Google search for 'Firefox auto-disconnect', so I thought I might as well mention the main options.

In the case of Internet Explorer, when the last window is closed, Windows will automatically disconnect a dialup connection to the internet (it may even ask first). The short answer is that Firefox can't do this, but it's not really a flaw on the part of Mozilla. IE is an integral part of Windows, so has something of a 'head start', unavailable to non-Microsoft packages.

Essentially, the alternatives are:
Get used to it. I have. To disconnect manually, right-click on the 'Internet Connection' icon in the System Tray (bottom right, next to the clock) and select 'disconnect' from the context menu, or double-click (left mouse button) on the icon and select the 'disconnect' button in the resulting popup window.

Use a third-party utility. There's a good summary of the main ones at MozillaZine, with step-by-step configuration instructions for one, 'HangUp.exe'.
Hmm. I don't seem to be able to access the download site for HangUp; I hope it's a temporary fault. Also note that 'hangup.exe' is a known alias of the 'Win32.Nocan.B@mm' worm - that's a different 'hangup.exe'!

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