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25 December, 2004

Slime on weed

I'm a little surprised it hasn't happened before now, but one of the 'Ministry weeds', the unofficial concert recordings I 'remastered' (cleaned up the audio and indexed into separate tracks) and distributed for free amongst CD-R traders, with artwork prepared by a professional graphic designer (er, me), is being sold on eBay by some parasitic ****.
Thankfully, it hasn't received any bids yet.  The asking price is 17.95, or $34.72 - as I said, I made it available for free, and continue to do so.

As copyright holder of the artwork, I've contacted eBay, but the auction will probably close anyway before they respond.

If you've reached this blog entry whilst researching the item before buying it - do not buy it. Contact me instead.
Never, ever buy bootlegs. Anything a commercial bootlegger may offer at a price is always available for free (well, the cost of blank CD-Rs and postage) from a trader.


Send a message to anyone who does bid for it offering to trade or B&P it to them for nothing.

Posted by Jon. at December 25, 2004 10:04 PM

Unfortunately, bootleggers are onto that one - the identities of bidders are hidden, including after the end of auctions.

Posted by NRT at December 25, 2004 11:04 PM
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