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17 December, 2004

Low light

It this time of year, I'm accustomed to cycling to work in half-light at about 08:30, and returning home in full darkness at sixish.  Today, I'm on my way to the departmental christmas lunch, in town, so it made sense to cycle home then walk from here.  This meant that I saw the route in daylight, for a change.

That's the point: even at 13:15, under a blue sky (there is diffuse high-level mist, but no distinct clouds), there isn't all that much light. Distant buildings are dark shapes, as are even nearby trees. It's not dim enough for headlights, but nor is there full daylight. It feels a lot like an summer evening, about an hour before dusk.

It's a good thing the winter solstice is less than a week away, after which the days will lengthen; otherwise today would be a little depressing.

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