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14 December, 2004

Goodbye Moscow

We tended to regard one another with mutual wariness, as Moscow was a huge, ex-Animal Rescue cat with a bad attitude arising from rough early treatment and later pampering, and I'm not prepared to put a cat's whims ahead of mine, nor to uncomplainingly accept swipes from an impatient claw.  At 16+, he wasn't the most active or lovable cat; his long black & white fur was usually a bit grubby.
Still, I knew him for 4-5 years, and was his usual feeder when J & Fi were away, so we were more than casual acquaintances.

Recently, he developed an astonishingly loud purr and a snore, which were diagnosed as the results of an inoperable growth in his throat.  It was delayed for a couple of weeks by steroids, but at the exact time of writing, he's visiting the vet for the last time.

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