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14 December, 2004

Deadwing site open properly

The working version discovered by fans last week has been replaced by the real thing: a promotional website for the forthcoming Porcupine Tree album 'Deadwing' *.

The format is the same as the earlier version, with the same accompanying music loop, though the initial image on the jigsaw is different (the site is to expand and reveal more audio, video and other media relating to the album over the coming months, so maybe the other one will appear later in the promo campaign).
Again, it matters where on the screen the jigsaw is assembled. Try moving the second-from-left piece on the bottom row - just click and let go, and it'll jump slightly upwards into the correct position. Assemble the rest of the puzzle around that one, the image will animate, and a menu of further links becomes available, though currently only one (and 'back') is active, showing low-fi footage of the recording sessions. Presumably further menu items will be activated as the album release date approaches.

Speaking of which, the official release date is 21 March, 2005. Unless plans have been changed [update 29/01/05: they have], that'll be a simultaneous global release, both in standard CD and in 5.1 surround sound DVD-A formats. However, watch for the special edition (apparently to be the stereo and 5.1 mixes (hopefully two discs, not 1 dual-format disc!) in a hardback book featuring extra artwork), which will be made available for pre-order. And I do mean watch for it - SW likes to limit numbers, and they sell out rapidly!

*: [Update 22/10/07: S'gone: the '' domain expired on 23/09/07.]

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