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14 December, 2004

Put it away

That's the second time I've nearly been sideswiped by a cyclist using a mobile phone.
Using a handheld phone whilst driving a car is rightfully illegal in the UK, but at least it's possible to control a car (most of the time) whilst holding a phone.  Someone cycling one-handed whilst composing a text message simply isn't controlling the vehicle adequately, nor paying attention to his/her surroundings.

He/she is also a bad ambassador for other cyclists. If he/she wobbled under a truck, I'd be less concerned about the death or serious injury of that idiot than the poor driver who hit him/her, and the effect on my reputation as a cyclist. It's this sort of minority, who probably also rides on pavements and without lights, which gives drivers and pedestrians the totally wrong impression that all cyclists behave that way.

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