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8 December, 2004

Deadwing arriving (somewhere but not here)

The more... avid fans of Porcupine Tree have discovered a teaser website [link removed - see update] promoting the forthcoming Porcupine Tree album, which will indeed have the expected title of 'Deadwing', it seems, rather than the fans' preferred 'Arriving Somewhere But Not Here'.

That link is [was] to a page at, not the official Porcupine Tree site, which seemed a little worrying - might it be a hoax? However, the Westside Creative home page explains it's work in progress, which would logically be expected to be hosted by the developers.
The audio loop certainly sounds like P-Tree, and the graphics look like Lasse Hoile's.

The format of the teaser is a jigsaw rendered in Flash. Note that if one assembles the jigsaw on the faint line just above the title text, the pieces snap into alignment and the completed image animates.

It's almost impossible to comment on a single, short audio sample taken out of context, so I won't.

[Update 09/12/04: It's not entirely surprising that this content was withdrawn a short time after the band became aware that the fans had found it. I've removed the link, as it's dead.]

[Update 14/12/04: The finalised version is now available at its own permanent address. More comments here.]

*: [Update 22/10/07: S'gone: the domain expired on 23/09/07.]

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