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10 December, 2004

Autocomplete alphabet

This meme, traced back to Shut Up Dude (which says it's older) returns to the purest form of blog: a literal log of where the owner has been on the web.
The instructions are simple.  Type the letter 'a' into your browser's address bar, and note the first page suggested by autocomplete.  Repeat for the full alphabet.
This is the result for my work PC:

A: The web site of poet and Jethro Tull archivist A.B. Jackson.

B: BlogExplosion

C: Count Your Sheep - an excellent web comic, one of the first calls on my daily browsing rounds.

D: An item on the University's news site, which is hosted on our Domino server.

E: Eigenradio - something I've been meaning to mention here anyway.

Eigenradio makes its optimal music by analyzing in real time dozens of radio stations at once. When our bank of computers has heard enough music, it will go to work on making more just like it.
Some odd, some quite good, in the opinion of someone who likes ambient drones.

F: The University's new Freedom Of Information site. Not one of my designs - my involvement was simply linking to it from the University home page!

G: The GloThong, as mentioned a couple of days ago. I almost resent this stuff cluttering up my address bar cache....

H: Someone's Haloscan comments form - I have no idea whose.

I: A German estate agent (US: real-estate agent) site. Don't ask.

J: The latest MT Blacklist, er, blacklist.

K: Knit your own womb. Go on, you know you want to. Don't forget to pose the fallopian tubes.

L: Unsurprisingly, virtually all the 'L's in the cache are pages hosted on University servers. The most recent is the 'Business & Industry' home page, which, incidentally, is one of mine.

M: Similarly, most 'M's are pages at this very website. You're already here, so I'll mention the first non-Ministry URL, which is the home page of Thunderbird, Mozilla's e-mail client, just released as v.1.0.
I won't recommend it just yet - I use a beta version of Thunderbird at home, and don't rate it especially highly. Hopefully, the completed release will fill in the annoying gaps, making this a credible replacement for MS Outlook. It's rather contentious to say that I don't regard the Thunderbird beta as superior to the undeniably dire Outlook.
Time permitting, I'll upgrade to v.1.0 this weekend, and might mention it in the blog next week.

N: Ha! Neil's version of this same meme!

O: The 'Mind Hacks' page in the O'Reilly catalogue. I don't see myself buying the book.

P: The official Porcupine Tree site.

Q: I considered installing the Qute theme for Firefox. I didn't.
If anyone cares, I use 'SomeOrbitYellow' instead.

R: A 'what's on' site for the Rhine-Neckar region, Germany.

S: The Multiple Browsers Window Injection Vulnerability Test at
Everyone knows about this, right? It's a phishing scam, to which all browsers are vulnerable (not just IE, for once). The only security solution is vigilance. Vigilance and scepticism. No-one expects....

T: El Reg, which, incidentally, has an article about that previous item.

U: User Friendly, another good web comic.

V: Victorinox, the Swiss army knife company. I'm hoping to receive one as a gift in a couple of weeks.

W: Wapsi Square - yet another web comic. As with User Friendly, it probably won't make sense in isolation - they need to be read as daily serials, unlike, say, Dilbert, which is self-contained each day.

X: Yes, there is an 'X': Doh, The Humanity! ("Broken web pages, but in a funny way").

Y: I don't seem to have visited any 'Y's. Evidently Yahoo! Groups don't have URLs beginning with a 'Y'.

Z: I downloaded the updated ( ZoneAlarm (the market-leading firewall, and free) a couple of days ago.
Quick tip for existing ZoneAlarm users: the previous version (5.5.062) caused problems for some people, preventing access to certain bank and e-commerce sites. The bug fix is only applied if you load this version as a clean install rather than an upgrade of your existing installation.

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