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7 December, 2004

Best kept in the dark

What is it about minimalist lingerie that inspires utterly pointless, tacky innovation?  Here's another in an ongoing series which demand the simple question "why?"

The GloThong, available for a mere $49.95, is:

An Electro Luminescent Thong with a lightweight water-resistant rechargeable battery. The charge lasts ~2 hours and neon colors are available. Detachable plug [steady...] is included for recharging.
Sadly, the GloBra is currently unavailable.

[Via Spinneyhead - blame Ian]

[Update 10/7/05: I've just discovered that links to this entry, as an example of their media coverage. That's fine with me, so long as it's clear their link was added without my knowledge, and I certainly don't endorse the product.]

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