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27 November, 2004

Wasted energy

Several districts of Lancaster have a kerbside collection of recyclable waste - a green plastic box is filled with metal and  glass by residents, and is emptied by the council every fortnight.
Well, done, Lancaster City Council!

Unfortunately, there's a limited market for the recycling of plastic bottles (allegedly) and cardboard, so it's uneconomical for them to be included in the collection scheme.  Fair enough; it's still possible for residents to take such materials to the recycling centre themselves.  Cars are welcome, as are bicycles, though cyclists can only carry a limited quantity of waste.  It often makes more sense to carry larger bags to the site on foot.

Only, that isn't allowed. Though it's perfectly fine to take children and pets into the site, by car or bike, pedestrians are not permitted to walk through the gate. It's for health and safety reasons, which evidently don't apply to children, pets or cyclists.
Burn fossil fuels to drop off your waste: no problem. Use the most environmentally-neutral form of transport conceivable: nope, can't allow that.
Well done, Lancashire County Council.

[This link has more, but I don't think it's permanently archived.]


Have you heard that they have stopped allowing vans, which would be more economical than several people taking their cars?
Also.... within the last month I visited 2 shops that did not recycle their cardboard, and when asked they said it was because the council wouldn't collect it, so they just put it in the regular rubbish bin. Yet the Council spends money and wastes paper on delivering a newspaper telling us all to recycle more. PS: no green bins in Standen Gate.. I KEEP asking.

Posted by Sally Wigmore at December 7, 2004 08:06 PM
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