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26 November, 2004

Suddenly feeling old

As I was leaving work this evening, I spotted a poster promoting a student for last night's JCR Exec election in Bowland College.  It showed a photo of the student alongside a pink hippo puppet, instantly recognisable as a character from ITV's equivalent to 'Sesame Street', 'Rainbow' (though the latter was less overtly educational), which ran from 1972 to 1992.

That's the problem. Presuming the candidate is a typical first- or second-year student who came straight to University from school, he's 18 or 19, maybe just 20 years old, and would have been 6 or 7, maybe 8 when the programme ended. He probably only has vague memories of it. The text on the poster says something like "Bungo says to vote for George", which caught my eye because:

  • The name was Bungle, not Bungo.
  • The hippo was called George - Bungle was an entirely different character, a bear.
I suppose it's possible that the student is known as 'Bungo', but that's less likely than someone simply having a garbled memory of the programme.

Rainbow was a major part of my limited TV viewing as a child; I have near-perfect recall of the lineup: Geoffrey, Bungle, George & Zippy, with musical interludes from Rod, Jane & Roger. It's a little shocking to realise a maturing generation don't share that collective memory.

'Er... shouldn't that be Rod, Jane & Freddy?'

Unfortunately not - I feel even older now, as the Rainbow fan site linked above tells me that the lineup I remember clearest was revised in 1980 - the better-known Rod, Jane & Freddy partnership (who apparently had a spin-off series I don't remember) was after my time.

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