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25 November, 2004

Why no comments?

Browsing BlogExplosion, one of the more common types of posting I encounter goes something like this:

"Hi BlogExplosion surfers!  I know a lot of you are visiting, but why doesn't anyone leave comments?"
The answer is fairly straightforward.

What have you written that's commentworthy?

So you've signed up with Blogger, chosen one of the default templates, installed an applet telling the world the weather in Spink County, S.Dakota/current phase of the moon, posted a couple of 'What type of bra are you?' quizlets and a photo of your cat/baby/miniature beadwork basque, registered with BlogExplosion, and seen people visit.
That's great. The foregoing sentence might sound mocking, but it isn't, really. I'm sure that sort of blog is interesting to some, and is an excellent base from which to develop. The problem is that there's very little for visitors to comment on. Direct appeals for comments might draw a dozen or so, but they'll rarely be more than "Hi! I arrived via BlogExplosion!" - a bit of human contact, but otherwise, well, utterly meaningless.

The trick is to say something; not to merely repost the same old material as everyone else, but to add something of your own.
What does your blog have that no-one else can reproduce? You. Write about yourself and your interests; your life and topics that matter to you.
It's fine to republish links to other sites of interest - that's what the very name 'web log' implies - but express opinions on the links: why are you linking; what do you think about the linked item; what else can you say on the same subject?
In short, add value; something with which people can engage and discuss.


I agree with everything said here and therefor feel it is worthy of a comment! *grin*

I've never heard of 'Blog Explosion' BTW, is it a meta search or just another blog creator like blogger or MT?

I find your blog very refreshing, keep up the good work!


Posted by Cyberesque at November 25, 2004 05:53 PM

BlogExplosion is somewhere between a browsing interface and a link exchange scheme.
After viewing the blog of another member for thirty seconds in the BE frameset, one receives 0.5 credit and can click on to the next blog. Bonus credits can also arrive at random: typically two or three, though I've received 25-credit bonuses a couple of times, and 50 credits once.
For each credit earned, one's own blog is served to another BE member. It's also possible to place a banner in the head of the BE frameset to promote one's blog; one credit buys 25 banner impressions. I understand credits can be 'spent' on inclusion in a blog directory, but my site doesn't fit into a meaningful category, so I haven't tried that.

I still have mixed feelings about the scheme. I've discovered some good blogs which I mightn't have seen otherwise, and slightly boosted incoming traffic, but conversely I've viewed several blogs which I wouldn't have chosen to see, and incoming traffic was fairly healthy anyway ;)

On the whole, I'd recommend trying BlogExplosion, and that genuinely isn't only because I get a referral bonus if people join via a link from my site!

Posted by NRT at November 25, 2004 07:12 PM

Hey, Minister....

Your comments are right on the money.

I see a blog with any of the following words in its title, and my finger starts twitching reflexively for the mouse button so quickly, I hardly have time to read anything else:

me, noise, my, mindless, mom, ramble, drivel, my head, incoherent, etc.

When you see people who are enjoying talking to themselves so much, why interrupt?


Posted by ETC at November 26, 2004 12:25 PM

Finally an island. I'm no surfer by nature. I'm old to blogging, new to blogexplosion, and recently learned I have a gambling addiction. It has to do with bonus credits and is hard to explain, but I've rationalized it this way: my numbers have indeed exploded--why just look at the charts! And sure my coveted 'minutes spent' dropped to 32 seconds--that just tells me to write shorter! What a fabulous education I'm getting about the daily lives of the cat of a person in their socks in a smelly apartment in Milan! Here's a purple blog! Here's one about cookies. Surfing, I'm puff puff surfing, for hours and then I fall on the floor in a depressed heap and nap, waking up abruptly a few minutes later because I forgot to click 717.

I woke up at 6am. It's 9:50. This is the first thing I've written all day. I thoroughly enjoy--and appreciate your work.

Thank you! You're blogrolled.


Posted by CW Fisher at November 26, 2004 02:59 PM
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