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22 December, 2004

Someone else's problem

The last time I was hit by a serious quantity of comments spam, it coincided with a visit from Google's indexing robot, unfortunately, so for a couple of days I received numerous visitors wanting images I certainly wouldn't be interested in publishing.  That died away rapidly, but weeks later, my traffic logs still show a steady flow of people, all looking for one specific search topic (with a variety of wordings), which isn't diminishing.  It's always to the same blog entry, which definitely doesn't contain any relevant content, nor any spam comments.

Mildly irritated, I've recreated some of the searches, and checked the page in the Google cache, in case that was the cause. It wasn't, but that did reveal that in each instance, Google says that "These terms only appear in links pointing to this page".
I don't really understand, but I interpret that as saying my page doesn't contain the questionable content, but another site either does contain that content and happens to link to my page, or links to my page as an alleged source of the content.
It seems Google (and hence other search engines) has given me a high ranking for certain search terms because of someone else's website. Does that make sense? Should it?

I've renumbered that entry, anyway, so searchers will see this posting instead. If you're one of them: GO AWAY. Incidentally, I have your IP address....

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